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For iPhone X

The Personalized Camera Case To Fit Your Style

With a new generation of iPhone comes the all-new SNAP! X. A patented physical shutter button, redesigned handles and an incredible collection of lenses make their way to the iPhone X; now with optimized for the most authentic mobile photography experience to date.

With the SNAP! X, memorable moments are within your grasp. Just point, click, and SNAP!

Dual Lens Mounts

SNAP! X is compatible with the complete collection of bitplay lenses, and is also the first SNAP! case to incorporate a double lens mount. A separate mount for each lens of the iPhone X’s dual lens camera opens up an array of photographic possibilities. - Try the Premium HD Telephoto Lens with iPhone X’s telephoto camera and turn on Portrait Mode for the 4x optical zoom. - You can also get twice the width with the HD Wide Angle Lens to capture the entirety of an epic and expansive view in a single shot.

Great Protection

With SNAP! X, protection is as much a function as photography. The dual-layer engineered construction ensures that your iPhone stays safe. The tough, polycarbonate outer shell and soft TPU shock-absorber work together perfectly to absorb impacts, and prevent scratches.