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For iPhone XS/XR

Through Simplicity Everything is Possible

The brand-new SNAP! Case collection comes with two new revolutionary changes; an ultra-lightweight body and enhanced protection. It also works perfectly with the new add-on SNAP! Grip. This Bluetooth enabled shutter grip adds a physical shutter button to the case while being used remotely. The ergonomic design of the grip brings mobile photography to a professional level.


The SNAP! Case is 25% slimmer and 50% lighter than its predecessors. The SNAP! Case weighs just over an ounce (35g)! Through the incorporation of a beveled design, the SNAP! Case fits perfectly with a fully realized grip in the hands of its user.


Despite being slimmer and lighter the SNAP! Case has doubled down on its protection. SNAP! Case is the first of the series to sport an ``all-edges-covered`` design. Its dual-layered construction ensures that your phone stays safe and secure in any situation. The tough, polycarbonate outer shell and soft TPU shock-absorber work harmoniously to absorb impacts, and prevent scratches with the perfect shot in mind.


SNAP! Case comes with a streamlined grip; carefully crafted for everyday use, and taking quick photos. With the Bluetooth enabled SNAP! Grip, (An all-new front-line Bluetooth shutter grip), available for SNAP! Case anyone can make holding your smartphone feel like a real camera.